The CNAP Course was incredible! An intensive course with all the information needed to become a more effective nonprofit leader! Would recommend to both new and experienced nonprofit financial leaders!

-  Eli Moraru, President, The Community Grocer

My career in nonprofit management spans 27 years. If I would have had the opportunity to have this knowledge early in my career my organization would be more stable and I would have had far fewer headaches. I have had a lot of education and training but none so specific to the nonprofit sector, and providing such practical knowledge. This is the best money ever spent on training in our organization's 30 year history. 

- Marsha Keene-Frye, CEO, Susanna Wesley Family Learning Center, Inc.

This is an absolutely fantastic foundational course that all non-profit employees, particularly new management, should be required to take! It is beyond thorough and relevant and provides critical knowledge that I wish I had been exposed to, much earlier in my career. Will absolutely be recommending that this course be considered as an offering as part of our on-boarding process. 

 - Tina Ochoa, VP of Programs & Strategic Partnerships, Families in Schools

This course maintained a wonderful balance between overview and detail as it covered a solid slate of essential topics. As an accounting professional who is now focusing on providing services to nonprofit organizations, it was extremely useful to get a higher level view of regulations, compliance, and best practice in key areas. The section on revenue recognition alone was immediately valuable to my daily work, and the instructor brought many real-world challenges, especially during this Covid-19 emergency, into the lessons. One of the best courses I've taken.

- Thea LaCross, Principal, Sound Nonprofit Services

The CNAP essentials course hosted by BDO was an excellent overview, well paced with opportunities for questions and interaction with cohort members. This would also be a great course for board treasurers and members of the finance and audit committees. 

- Eva N. Boyce, CFO, GLBTQ Legal Advocates and Defenders (dba GLAD)

This course gave me concrete tools and greater confidence to assume more financial responsibility in my organization. The instructor was very knowledgeable and approachable, she did an amazing job of answering questions and being personally available despite it being a large online classroom. I am so glad I took this course because it drilled down on the critical skills that I need to be effective in my job without including anything unnecessary. Each topic was covered with clear, organized objectives and examples that were directly applicable to my day to day work. 

 -Gaelen Hayes, Administrative Associate, Vitaltalk

Great course regardless of level of expertise in nonprofit world. Can be used as a learning tool, a refresher tool or as an update to industry changes. Also provides amazing resource information. 

- Gregory Demetriades, CFO, Community Partners of South Florida


This was a great course for non-profit leaders seeking to enhance their financial management skills. I ended the course feeling more confident about my work as a program director. 

- Stephanie Coleman, Director of Programs, Elkhart Education Foundation

I was very impressed with the content of this course. I learned much more than I had expected. The instructor was excellent with good references to assist in understanding the topic. I would highly recommend this course to others. 

- Michelle Chiappetta, Director of Finance, Harmonia Collaborative Care, Inc

This course gave me a very broad understanding of Non-profit accounting, but also was able to get into some of the nitty gritty details. I feel like there are things that anyone can take away and implement at their organization no matter what level they are in it. 

 - Scott Coyle, Staff Accountant, Center for Community Alternative

As someone who has been working in nonprofits for a few years without any formal training in financial management, this course has been incredibly helpful. No longer do I have to rely on asking a coworker how they think we should calculate budgets or wonder if I entered something into the general ledger correctly. I finally feel confident enough in my accounting knowledge thanks to this session. Highly recommend for anyone who works in the nonprofit sector. 

 -Andrea Sutherland Holly, Executive Director, Big Pals-Little Pals

I truly recommend this course. The instructors have vast experience coupled with a passion to teach in an engaging and thought provoking way. The info provided will be essential in assisting me improve my non-profits financial systems. Thank you CNAP!

- Martin J. Regueiro, Director of Operations, Youth Rising

The CNAP course was very informative and enlightening. The resources and tools provided are definitely implementable and will add value to our agency. The topics were appropriate for the attendees and the opportunity to discuss ideas, practices and challenges with peers was great.

- Russell Greene, CFO, The Arc of Palm Beach County, Inc.

When I started bookkeeping for my first nonprofit, I fell in love with the field and started reading everything I could about non profit accounting. I am proud to use my skills for a sector that makes a difference. Having spent years reading any article and piece of guidance I could, it was very nice to have so much information in one place with a knowledgeable person guiding me through the information. This course helped clarify some confusing applications and helped boost my confidence.

 - Mary Ling, Business Manager, UnFinished International

Thought it covered a lot of very important material that I wish I had access to when I first started in the non-profit sector. Would highly recommend it for people who want to further their non-profit knowledge and fill in the gaps that many of us have coming from the regular accounting world.

 - Kristin Silva, Financial Analyst, Klamath River Renewal Corp

As an accountant transitioning from an international arena, CNAP introduces the best practices in Non-Profit Accounting that can help you succeed at your role and ultimately the success of your organization in carrying out its mission. 

  - Esther Alexander Clarkson, Accountant, LEAP NYC

Attending this course was one of the best decisions I've made. It not only answered a lot of the "why"s but taught me some new processes. It was nice to be in a room full of "like" minded individuals who were very interactive. I so enjoyed the Instructor! I am looking forward to Part II. 

 - Noel Webb, Operations Director, 412 JUSTICE


As Chief Operating Officer of the Autism Treatment Centers of Texas, it is essential that I have a clear understanding of the organization's finances to leverage our financial resources to strengthen our programming needs. CNAP Essentials not only provided great training on the principles of accounting and best practices for running a finance department, the instructor provided concrete examples of how to better communicate our organization's financial reporting into clear and concise story telling to our internal and external stakeholders. The cohort learning platform also allowed me to learn about other organizations across the nation and different ways of organizing a finance team. Whether you're well-versed in all aspects of financial reporting or new to , this is a great course for non-profit professionals regardless size of the organization or mission. Highly recommended!

 - Neil Massey, Chief Operating Officer, Autism Treatment Center

This CNAP Course was perfectly orchestrated and sequenced to guide any NFP financial officer toward a sound understanding of principles, best practices, and legal requirements. I recommend this course with the greatest sincerity and gratitude. 

 - Mary Brown, Executive Director, The Classical Association of the Atlantic States

I feel that I finally have information and answers to questions that I was unable to get in various accounting/financial management courses that I took in school or other professional "finance 101" courses. The content of this course has given me much to think about and, more so, things to act upon with understanding of how to do so. 

 - La Mar Brown, Operations Manager, Chicago Dancemakers Forum

The CNAP Essentials course provided me with a comprehensive overview of the nonprofit sector; more specifically public charities. During the 7 weeks I found myself referencing back to what I learned the week before while performing my current job duties and discussions with our board of directors. I would recommend this course to anyone working in a nonprofit if you are in any way involved with financial management.

 - Adam Larson, Controller, Catholic Charities of Southern Minnesota

I took this course in order to obtain the certification for resume purposes but was totally pleased to find I still had a few more things to learn after being in the accounting nonprofit sector for over 25 years.

- Dr. Amy McKee Kaufman, Accounting Director, The Butler Institute of American Art

The course was great - it helped validate the knowledge that I already have and filled in some gaps. The material was relevant and well paced, and the instructor was very clear and engaging. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone involved in nonprofit financial management! 

- Cynthia Burns, VP of Operations, Human Rights First

I have been in non-profit for over 20 years, and taking this course enlightened me more with the tools that are out there to help non-profits such as Strong Non-profit Tool Kit. My agency is using this toolkit. 

 - Atinuke Odunbaku, Budget Manager/Accountant, Northern Manhattan Improvement Corporation

Because I came into my current position with very little formal accounting experience, this course provided me with context for many of the processes and procedures that I encounter in my work. I now realize that many of the things we do are not necessarily specific to my organization, but more universal in nature. The instructor is exceptionally knowledgeable of the materials and presented them in a way that I found very easy to understand. She addressed student questions without getting bogged down in things that were not pertinent to the classwork. I learned a lot and feel that I am a better professional because of it. Thank you for all that you do! 

 - Jesse Edgerton, Accounting Specialist, Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity


This training was both validating and transformative. Every nonprofit employee in charge of finance or operations should take this course. 

 - Jonathan Lopez. Sr Manager of Operational Effectiveness, Partnership for College Completion


After taking the CNAP course, I have a much better understanding of how to assess our organizations fiscal health and, therefore, I am much more confident to participate in the decision making process within our finance team. Additionally, I now feel well-equipped to sit down with program managers and directors to provide guidance on contracts and grants. Overall, CNAP helped me take a major step forward in my career and I'm looking forward to applying all that I learned! 

 - Kasey Perdue,  Senior Financial Analyst - Grants and Contracts, Mental Health and Addiction Association of Oregon


This course was fantastic. The instructor and staff from BDO were very engaging, and qualified to teach on the subject, while also providing an environment that felt really welcoming for all levels of financial experience. This course provides a ton of great information in an easily digestible way, whether it be totally new or a review of new topics it was well worth the time. 

- Casey Eisenreich, Operations Manager, Urban Green Council

BDO's CNAP Essentials Online course offered a wide range of relevant topics for a Finance Director. The logistics were executed perfectly including: engaging instructors, a wide variety of materials shared, interaction among participants, suitable pace, and an effective technical platform to deliver the training and supplements. Being new to non-profit, I was able to take away many key points while drawing parallels to corporate experiences as well. Traditionally I prefer in person learning but opted for online due to the price point for my non-profit employer and was pleasantly surprised with the experience. I would even take more online training with BDO. 

- Pascal Howard, Finance Director, Habitat for Humanity Bucks County

The CNAP has greatly expanded my understanding of the nonprofit structure and operations. I highly recommend this program to senior personnel, board members, and emerging leaders in the nonprofit sector.

- Rev. (Dr.) John Udo-Okon, Executive Director, Word Of Life International Inc., Bronx, New York